Water barriers

Water Barrier Hire

Our Water barriers are designed and developed to meet the general requirements of applications for pedestrian traffic delineation in Australia.

The units are manufactured from high density Polypropylene and are quality tested to the highest standards to ensure robustness, durability and toughness.

Each barrier is manufactured with UV inhibitors and anti-brittleness agents, and are available in variety of different colours, including red, white and yellow.

A special pin linking system allows the water barriers to be hooked up to one another at an angle and therefore form a chain with a more flexible contour alignment to better encircle a work area.

The link is provided by an cylindrical pillar, which penetrates through the hook holders of two neighboring barriers.

Our water barriers are ideal for use on work areas, detours, sporting events, construction projects, parking areas, airports etc.

They can also be used on roads where the speed limit does not exceed 20 KPH.

The barrier itself weighs 40 kg while empty. Two people are able to move it around and hook up a chain of such barriers with ease. After the installation is completed, the barrier can be filled with water through a port on the top. When filled with water the barrier weighs 200 kgs.

As mentioned before, the pin linking system is designed with a feature to facilitate easy field installation and removal for relocation. While empty the barriers can be stacked to efficiently utilize space and have been designed to be forklift friendly for moving. However they should not be moved when filled with water.

Water Barrier Accessories

Either hoarding or mesh panels can be inserted on to the top of the water barriers in order to provide added luxury of privacy and also ensures that maximum safety is achieved.

  • Water barriers
  • Water barriers with mesh and hoarding extension panels
  • Water barriers with mesh and hoarding extension panels
  • Water barriers
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